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Gabriele Ewerts

Children's Book Author

Welcome to Magic Seeds Legend

Sophie and the Magic Flower book cover Author Gabriele Ewerts
Sophie and the magic Seeds book cover paperback - by Author Gabriele Ewerts
Sophie and the magic child book cover paperback - by Author Gabriele Ewerts
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Meet Gabriele...

Books are my favorite diet, and I love writing children’s stories. I compose poetry that rhymes and songs that are funny, which I then play on my guitar or piano, and sometimes on the accordion, which hardly anyone likes but me.
When I’m not writing, I spend my time hiking and bring home photos of flowers and animals, and especially the beautiful scenery I encounter on my hikes in the mountains. Nature and gardening all play an important part in my stories. 
Animals have a special place in my heart, and my love for them carries over into my books. My pets, past and present, make regular appearances, like my quirky cat Pepe, who became the inspiration for the Pelifeles character in The Magic Seeds Legend series.

Head shot of author Gabriele Ewerts

Photo: Arpit Mehta

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